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Crisis: Inside the Cowen Government

RTE1, 9.35pm Part one of a two-part documentary exploring the biggest decisions taken under the stellar leadership of Brian Cowen (below), including the Bank Guarantee of September 2008 -- doh! As party colleagues urged a general election, the former Taoiseach ignored advice and endured decreasing popularity.


Temple Street Children's Hospital

TV3, 8pm New series that's sure to bring a lump to your throat as we get a look at life inside the hospital. This episode features Caolan (12), who has endured 50 procedures to correct his appearance after swallowing corrosive acid as a toddler.

Plus, nine-year-old Michael receives treatment for brittle bones, and a set of newborn twin brothers arrive for a hernia operation.

Justice on trial

The Jury

UTV, 9pm A rejig of the Twelve Angry Men tale as 12 people are turned upside down when they are summoned for jury duty in a controversial murder retrial. New evidence calls into question the conviction of Alan Lane, who was found guilty of killing three women.

Julie Walters plays the defence barrister, with supporting roles for Roger Allam and our own John Lynch. Continues tomorrow.

gang trouble

Britain's Sex Gangs

Channel 4, 10.30pm Tazeen Ahmad investigates the groups who allegedly groom and abuse vulnerable children, after recent research suggested that thousands of youngsters are potentially being exploited by street gangs in the UK. She hears stories of girls as young as 12, who have been terrified by their experiences, and two men reveal the truth about how grooming is perpetrated.