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Hairdressing stars to be locked up in 'Big Brother-style' house

TV3 is making a new celebrity reality show which they hope will be a cut above the rest.

The Herald can reveal the station is launching a new Big Brother-style show in which celebrites and socialites live in a house together, and learn how to cut hair.

The Salon will feature Rosanna Davison and is being filmed in conjunction with Bono's hairdresser, Dylan Bradshaw.

The housemates will be put through their paces with all the tips of the trade and the winner will be crowned Best Celebrity Crimper.

Among those rumoured to be taking part are Apprentice star Breffny Morgan, Big Brother star Brian Dowling and former Miss World Rosanna, who has never made secret her desire to get into TV.

An approach has also been made to gorgeous actress Leigh Arnold, who formerly worked for six years on RTE's The Clinic and TV3 producers are said to be very keen to get her on board.

Another RTE beauty who has been approached is former Podge and Rodge presenter Virginia Macari, who quit the series last month.

Filming on the new show is expected to take place next month and may go someway towards filling the gap in the schedule left by the failure of the Celebrity Apprentice to get off the ground.


The programme is being made by Stephen McCormack of Irish Music TV, who had their first awards in the Sugar Club last November.

"TV3 were very keen to do some kind of celebrity-led programme this year as those kind of shows usually prove a big hit with Irish audiences," revealed an insider. There was huge disappointment among station chiefs when Celebrity Apprentice was deferred, especially after TV3 had cleared a slot in its spring schedule for the show and announced details of it at the press launch before it was even filmed.

"This idea was mooted to them as a possible replacement for the other programme and they went for it immediately.

"All the stars will have to share a house for week or two and be filmed as they try to learn everything about the hairdressing industry.

"There's going to be a good mix of feisty personalities in there that should make for fun viewing."