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The Body Farm

BBC1, 9pm This Waking the Dead spin-off series sees forensic pathologist Eve Lockhart (below) now heading her own lab, The Body Farm, aided by a motley crew of sidekicks. Her team help the police solve sadistic crimes and tonight their expertise is really put to the test when human remains are discovered at a dilapidated apartment complex.


The Bomb Squad

BBC1, 10.35pm A chilling insight into how a 29-year-old British soldier, married with a young daughter, dices with death every day. He is a bomb disposal officer who, without doubt, has one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. One wrong step and he could be blown to pieces.

"If I went round thinking the next day could be my last -- I wouldn't be able to work," he says.



Channel 4, 10pm Drink lands Frank in yet a spot of bother when, after a heavy session in his local, he ends up comatose in the back of a minibus. He wakes up in a synagogue and struggles to retrace his footsteps. But Frank believes his predicament is a blessing in disguise and convinces himself he's linking up with some higher power.


Missing Millions

UTV, 8pm Hard to believe in these straitened times -- but a whopping £15bn is lying unclaimed in British banks. In this new four-parter an effort is made to track down some of the unlikely owners of this unclaimed cash. Straight off, a brother and sister receive an unexpected windfall of £13,000.