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Grainne's an arresting sight, but it's a shame crimecall's losing anne

WHAT'S wrong with Anne Cassin? She's attractive, smart and has a wicked sense of humour. She is an experienced broadcast journalist and does a great job with her show Capital D.

She reads the news, but there is a whole lot more to this woman. Anything that she puts her hand to, she does brilliantly.

When she filled in for Grainne Seoige on daytime television, I thought she did a better job than Grainne herself.


Honestly, I thought she was terrific. There was a more relaxed feeling to the show and her experience in journalism meant she flitted easily between the current affairs issues and the daytime remit of nail varnish and puppies (not together though).

But lo and behold, Anne Cassin appears to have been ousted from her job on Crimecall, to be replaced by Grainne. I cannot think of any reason why Grainne is replacing Cassin, unless Anne wanted out -- or RTE wanted to fill up Grainne's contract hours.

Either way, I will miss Anne on Crimecall.

And we should be told.