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Gloves are off for the Fade Street gang

IT'S handbags at dawn on the next episode of RTE's reality show Fade Street tonight.

The claws are really out between all the principle characters in the new series of the programme, hailed as Ireland's answer to The Hills and featuring young beauties Louise Johnston (22), Cici Kavanagh (19), Dani Robinson (20) and Vogue Williams (24).

New character Molina and Louise continue having a major personality clash at Stellar magazine as they formulate the "iron-clad" guest list for its second birthday/Bachelor of the Year bash.

When asked if she wants to bring any of her friends to the VIP party, Louise puts her flatmate Dani down on the list.

Looking disapproving, 'ice queen' Molina says that she wouldn't be putting any friends down. "I'm going to be working so I'll meet up with my friends some other time," she says.

When Louise points out that they were told that after 9pm, it was okay to "let your hair down" and celebrate the magazine's success, Molina replies: "When you're working, you can never let your hair down."

Dani isn't making any friends working at Dublin Ink either, where she continues rubbing boss Johnny up the wrong way. When she asks him if she can have work done on her tattoo, she's told that Leigh is "the best person to do it", which she clearly doesn't like. "What the f**k now? You made a face... either get it done by Leigh or not," he says, before upbraiding her for not having her portfolio ready.

Herald columnist Michael O'Doherty is seen employing hunky lothario Diarmuid Doyle as Stellar's new agony uncle -- but warns him against mixing business with pleasure at the publication's offices.

Meanwhile, the sparks fly during Stellar's second birthday bash in Krystle nightclub after Dani manages to persuade Molina to let her three friends from Dublin Ink into the party, despite them not being on the list.

In a plotline reminiscent from one of the earlier episodes of the Hills, Louise's boss Michael hits the roof when he sees Dani and her friends getting rowdy in the corner of the club.

Calling Molina over, a clearly furious Michael describes them as "tattooed f**kwits" and demands to know how they were let into the party.

Fade Street airs at 10.50pm every Monday on RTE 2