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Get ready for another Irish X Factor hit -- 'crazy' Laura

ANOTHER Dubliner is set to catch the attention of the new X Factor judging panel this weekend, with a "crazy audition".

Professional music teacher Laura O'Neill is set to cause controversy on the show by splitting the judges.

But sources told the Herald that the quirky singer (right) will definitely be a favourite with viewers at home.

"Laura had such a crazy performance, and even crazier supporters.

"During her audition one fan believed in her so much that she ended up on her knees in front of Gary Barlow," the source revealed.

The insider added that the aspiring singer, who is a part of Irish band The Firm, was forced to sing for the judges a second time in order to get their casting vote to let her through to the next round.

"Most of the judges loved Laura. Louis and Kelly were sold straight, but Gary wasn't too impressed. In a dramatic chain of events which you will see this Saturday, Laura was forced to sing again, as requested by Tulisa."

The insider told the Herald that despite being overjoyed by the reaction from the judges, Laura has found bootcamp quite difficult.

"Laura has really been finding it tough at bootcamp. X Factor has set a really high standard this year and it has definitely been hard on her," the source said.

And the Dublin star, who is currently dating Royseven drummer Dazzy Oglesby revealed to the Herald that if she fails to make it far in the competition she will not be giving up hope on her music career.

"I entered the X Factor as a fast track I suppose, it's the biggest platform to launch yourself as an artist.

"If I don't get through it's straight home for me and I will start working on an album with some very talented producers. Royseven have been very supportive.

"If X Factor doesn't work out it's certainly not the end of my world," she said.

Laura, who teaches at The National Performing Arts School Dublin, spoke while performing with The Firm in Marbella.

Meanwhile a source close to the X Factor team revealed that viewers should prepare for a very new kind of Bootcamp this year.

"From parties, co-stars getting into hot tubs, some romance and sending people home before they get their chance to sing, this year has heated up," the source revealed.