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Geraldine lands IrishTV screen role

FORMER Apprentice star Geraldine O'Callaghan has been named as one of the faces of new television channel IrishTv.

The Dubliner, who rose to fame on the second series of the hit RTE reality show, will present weekly current affairs programme Dublin County Matters on the channel when it launches next month.

However, the 30-year-old said her life "hasn't been a bed of roses" and that she has struggled with unemployment since she was fired in entrepreneur Bill Cullen's famous boardroom.

She told the Herald: "The country's in recession. I've felt the effects of that recession as much as everybody else.


"I'm getting more work. There were times when I wasn't working. There were times when it was a struggle. But right now I'm really, really busy and I'm really, really grateful. But things aren't always like that."

O'Callaghan, who is also PR and brand manager for Gosh cosmetics and has produced and presented several television projects, said she has always been the kind of person who "grabs opportunities by the horns".

Speaking of her Irish Tv role, she said: "I'm always excited about new challenges.

"It's a huge opportunity. It's an honour to be able to showcase Ireland in the best way possible to the rest of the world."

O'Callaghan's show will be only one of 32 County Matters programmes to air weekly on IrishTv when it launches, each representing counties both here and north of the border.

Head of broadcasting at IrishTv Malachi Cush said the channel picked O'Callaghan to present the Dublin programme because of her profile here.

"She has a profile in Dublin already, and she's well connected," he said.

"She knows people, and she knows the stories on the ground.

"She's also the kind of person who we hope audiences will want to engage with."