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Gail Porter's nervous wait for Daybreak

Gail Porter has not been told whether she will be joining Christine Bleakley at ITV's new breakfast show, Daybreak.

ITV launches Daybreak in place of its breakfast show, GMTV, in less than two weeks' time, but it has apparently still not finalised its full line-up.

Gail Porter, who works as a reporter on GMTV, tells Mandrake "Nobody knows anything. They haven't said if we will have jobs, no one is talking contracts, nothing."

ITV has said that the partnership of Christine Bleakley and Adrian Chiles, whom it poached at great expense from The One Show at the BBC, will be "the heart" of Daybreak, but has not given any further details.

Porter, 39, was speaking at the Virgin Media Louder Lounge at the V Festival in Essex, which she attended with her boyfriend, Jonny Davies, a rock musician 14 years her junior.

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