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Fur flies between Housewives stars as Virginia storms out

THIS is the moment the fur starts to fly among the Dublin Housewives.

After a bust-up with 'Dr Botox' Danielle Meagher, socialite Virginia Macari jumps up from lunch and storms out.

The handbags between the two were caused by a clash while filming the reality show for TV3.

Blonde DermaFace clinical director Danielle had been making disparaging remarks about the half-Italian designer's lifestyle, saying Virginia "doesn't even know what it is to work".

"Virginia has spent the last 15 years swanning around Dublin drinking champagne -- it's Prosecco, boo hoo," she told the cameras.

Speaking about some of her fellow cast-mates, she also said: "They're more GHD than PhD."

And things really came to a head during an incident in a restaurant in Kinsale, Co Cork, a month ago, where the pair had a bust-up which ended up in Virginia walking out.

"There was a moment in Kinsale where we didn't get on and a few sparks flew," Virginia said.

"She said a few things about me and I just had enough so I turned around to her and told her to shut up and leave me alone. If someone attacks me, I'm going to defend myself."

Speaking about the incident in Cork, Danielle described it as a "the Passover meal down in Kinsale" and said there was a "really big bust-up".

The new show starts on TV3 on May 28.