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Frequent-flyer Deirdre set to move back home from London

Actress and comedienne Deirdre O'Kane is planning to return home after nine years living in London.

O'Kane, who hails from Dundalk, Co Louth, flits between London and Dublin and the frequent-flyer is even on first-name terms with the cabin crew.

"I fly the route so regularly I know the staff," she said.

Deirdre is currently deciding where she will send her two children, Holly and Daniel, to school in Ireland.

"I trawl the internet researching schools in Dublin, because we are planning to return to Ireland after nine years," she said.

O'Kane's husband is filmmaker Stephen Bradley, who produced the critically-acclaimed 2014 film Noble, which Deirdre starred in.

She will next appear in Fiona Looney's play Are You There Garth? It's Me, Margaret, which will run in the Gaiety Theatre next month.

The drama pokes fun at the cancellation of the Garth Brooks concerts in Croke Park in 2014.

When the script was sent over to her, O'Kane said that she instantly knew she wanted to play the part of Margaret.

"I read it immediately and replied by email: 'I love it, yes please. P.S. Any chance of a few more lines?'" she told the Sunday Times.

O'Kane is currently rehearsing around the clock.


"Every queue, every train ride, every moment waiting at the school gates is spent tackling the monologues. I have learnt from experience to tackle a big script early.

"Once I've done the school run and got all the machines on - dishwasher, washing machine, dryer - I take my script to a cafe. It is impossible to work at home because I can only see the dirt."