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Former ER star now plans TV comeback after beating cancer

Former ER star Maura Tierney is winning her battle with breast cancer and returning to TV.

The actress, Abby Lockhart from the hit TV series, said she is healthy after breast cancer surgery and will be starring in a new TV crime series.

In a rare media appearance since undergoing surgery to remove a tumour a year ago, Tierney sported a new short hair-do after losing her long brown locks to chemotherapy.

"I am good. I am healthy," she told television journalists. "I wasn't thinking about doing another TV show, but I responded to the character. She is so serious and so dear."


Tierney (45) was forced to drop out of the new NBC family drama series Parenthood last year because of her illness.

She will play prosecutor Kathryn Peale in The Whole Truth starting on ABC in September. Executive producer Tom Donaghy, who went to college with Tierney, said the part was written specifically with the actress in mind.

"Tom and I are real friends," Tierney added. "It is a priority now for me to be able to work with people I really like and trust. I feel it's too much time out of your life to not enjoy it."

Tierney is best known for her Emmy-nominated role as Dr Abby Lockhart on 10 seasons of medical drama ER, which ended its 15-year run in March 2009.