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Forget LA, I'm loving life in Fair City, reveals Jenny Dixon


Jenny Dixon

Jenny Dixon

Jenny Dixon

Fair City's Jenny Dixon is delighted to be celebrating her first year as a full-time actress this Christmas.

Jenny returned from Los Angeles to take up the role of Kerri-Ann in the popular RTE soap last year and has thoroughly enjoyed her year as part of "the Fair City family".

"A year as a full-time actress is what it has been and it has been beautiful," she told the Herald. "To drive into work every day with gratitude and a 'this is amazing' feeling is beyond words. I'm very lucky."

Jenny has become a fully-fledged Fair City cast member, with some juicy storylines. She has also made a big impression on fans.

"I've got quite a few random hugs," she said. "I think because Kerri-Ann is such an innocent kind of character, random hugs have become a thing," she said.

"I also get love advice - people telling me to stay away from this guy or go on, give him one more chance."

Jenny hit the headlines in 2011 when it emerged that the attractive secondary teacher was enjoying her summer break partying with A-listers at the Playboy mansion while moonlighting as an actress.

In 2012 she took a career break from her job as a science and maths teacher to pursue her acting dream in LA.


However, she returned to Ireland last year for her Fair City role and has no plans to return to the States just yet.

"I've a wonderful base of friends in LA who I love to visit. An acting job can take you anywhere. I love to travel, so this helps," she said.

"I'm part of a network TV show now in Ireland. It's no greater or lesser than one which is based in Hollywood. I want to do as much acting as I can. I love it, so wherever that may lead, I'll be thankful for the roles and for those who take that chance on me."

Swapping her teaching career for acting was about more than just a change of scenery for Jenny.

"I'd been studying acting while I was teaching and the more I learned, the more I wanted to learn - it reawakened my love of learning," she said.