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Fly-on-the-wall shows angry Jordan dumping new beau after jungle fury

Katie Price vowed today that her marriage to Alex Reid would be more private than her relationship with Peter Andre -- but told reporters she could not wait to get "Reidinated".

The 31-year-old was launching the latest series of her fly-on-the-wall show What Katie Did Next -- in which she says she believes Reid is "using" her for fame.

Despite Price dumping Reid on TV, the documentary shows how the couple secretly rekindled their relationship within days.

Fresh from her whirlwind marriage in Las Vegas last week, Price said at the launch that she could not wait to get pregnant -- or "Reidinated" as she put it.

The first episode of the programme, screened at the launch, shows Price being told after she emerged from the I'm A Celebrity jungle last year that Reid has been speaking to the media.

Price dumped Reid during her post-jungle interview with Ant and Dec -- and she tells the ITV2 documentary she feels "used" and "misled".

In the show Price says: "They would not be interested in him if it wasn't for me . . . don't do stories, don't use me to get famous."

But at the end of a meeting behind closed doors to explain to Reid why he has been dumped, the couple are back together, with Price telling the show she has "fallen" for Reid.

The couple kept their reconciliation a secret from the media, with Price going out in public alone.

Asked about the break-up at today's launch, Price said: "I hate the first show. When I saw bits of it I'm like: 'Oh my God, can't you say at the end that we're . . . back together again?'

"I mean that was then and literally after two days . . . we were back on. So it was all fine . . . but that's part of the show now, so you'll get to see what happens."

Asked if she still believed Reid was using her for fame, Price responded "No, not at all."

She said she was "so glad" Reid appeared on Celebrity Big Brother, which he went on to win -- "because it goes to show, he won it himself and it goes to show he's a genuine guy".

What Katie Did Next airs on ITV2 tomorrow at 9pm