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Fate was sealed by a kiss

Yvonne is delighted to reveal that Connie is coming home, while Zumo runs his idea for a mixed martial arts tournament past Dermot, but is told to take it up with Barry.

Niamh is reluctant to go along with Paul's suggestion of a family camping trip.

Zumo's estranged mother returns as she watches Barry confronting her son about the vandalism, Yvonne tells Connie about her fears of losing her family and Keith teases Felix after his secret is exposed.

Tina realises she has to end her relationship with Jason as he plans a romantic evening and another proposal for her.

Dev struggles to cope with the twins' presence at the flat and a visit to the zoo only postpones the inevitable crisis. Becky's worries about Steve's libido give Eileen ammunition for teasing her boss.

Jason confronts Nick following Tina's confession, and David is not far behind once he has heard about his brother's role in events.

Sunita grows frantic as Dev desperately tries to save a trapped Aadi.

Brid prepares to leave with Johnny but his suspicious behaviour leads her to question Berni who tells her about their affair, leaving Brid with a difficult decision to make.

Billie's loyalties are tested as his old friends plan to rob the Vic. Ian persuades Lucy to keep her abortion a secret from Jane, and the Slaters welcome Stacey back into the family home.

Meanwhile, Shirley offers a surprise solution to Phil's problem with his daughter Louise. Whitney forces Billie to choose between her and his old gang, Shirley struggles to come clean to Heather, and Janine and Ryan take advantage of Morgan with their money-making scheme.

Chelsea takes Ronnie's advice about her fling with Jack, while Becca and Jean compete for Stacey's attention.

Paddy is determined to hide his injuries and is forced to lie when Pearl sees what has happened to him.

Moira disagrees with John over how to punish Holly, and Adam is shocked when his sister reveals the reason their parents are arguing.

Sam puts pressure on Cain to get Olena's fake passport quickly. Chas tries to find out the truth about Paddy's injuries and calls the police, but her plan backfires, while Jamie lets slip about the incident to the locals in the pub.

Laurel is concerned by Ashley's behaviour when he refuses to confide in her, and Hannah suggests Holly ask Viv for a job.

Calvin steps in to save the day when the McQueens realise they need a solicitor to help in their battle with the council. However, Carmel is suspicious when he later cancels their plans together, little realising he is helping Sasha come to terms with her attack. Meanwhile, Jake continues to ignore calls from Loretta and Frankie, preferring to settle into his new life away from the village.

Jake begins to feel dissatisfied with his new life, and his sense of unease is further heightened when he discovers Caroline's dark secret. Meanwhile, Mercedes learns of Calvin's role in Warren's death, and Amy heads to an HCC open day, leaving Michaela free to use Leah and Lucas in her campaign to save her family home.