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FAMILY problems THE right NOTE CHALK AND CHEESE jail break

Outnumbered BBC1, 9.30pm

Insufferable sister Angela pays a visit to Sue and family (below) with her new pony-tailed American hubby called Brick. But they haven't come alone -- her new brood of seven stepchildren are also in tow. And while both sisters are eager to avoid any major incidents, the two women have a lot on their plate when they take the kids out for lunch.

THE right NOTE

Daithi Ar Thoir Na Dixie Chicks TG4, 9.30pm

Daithi O Se heads to the States in search of some of the biggest country music stars of all time. Hailing from Dallas, Texas, country music group The Dixie Chicks have sold more than 30 million albums in the US alone. However, it hasn't been all plain sailing. In 2003, 10 days before the American invasion of Iraq, vocalist Natalie Maines expressed disapproval of George Bush and the upcoming war, outraging some of the group's fans.


How The Other Half Live Channel 4, 9pm

There's more give and take for two families on either side of the wealth divide. Kieran Dunbar (12) is dyslexic and one of seven children living in two-bedroomed accommodation. The daily struggles his family face are in stark contrast to their wealthy counterparts who live in a mansion with indoor and outdoor swimming pools.

jail break

Coronation Street UTV, TV3, 8.30pm

Steve and Becky plough their way through a sea of adoption forms -- but their previous love lives could yet prove a major obstacle. Meanwhile, the ever-resourceful Tracy comes up with a devious plan to try to get out of the slammer. If she does, sparks will fly!