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Fair City's transplant plot fuels fears on op secrecy

THE Irish Kidney Association has reassured people distressed by a storyline in RTE soap Fair City that organ donations in this country are strictly anonymous.

Fair City character Lucy Mallon, played by Lorna Quinn, is at the centre of a scam relating to a cornea transplant along with longtime character Dolores Molloy, played by Martina Stanley.

Lucy's life was transformed in her 20s when she lost her sight but then regained it after receiving a cornea transplant. According to the storyline, fate appears to have brought her into contact with the mother of the young child whose corneas were donated.

Colin White, of the Irish Kidney Transplant Association, said that it is very unlikely that a person in this country who receives a transplant could track down their donor.

"When someone has a successful transplant they might be told that the donor was a 35-year-old man, but they will not be given any information that identifies the donor," said Colin.