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Fair City wife attack went over the top, admits Sarah

FAIR CITY actress Sarah McDowell has revealed she felt her domestic abuse storyline "went too far".

Sarah, who plays Suzanne Doyle, admitted she was very apprehensive about taking on the controversial plot which saw her physically abuse her on-screen husband Damien.

And she added that the explosive scenes left her exhausted.

Sarah said: "I think it went too far, she was constantly beating him. It was so exhausting. It was really horrible shooting the scenes.

"When I got the scripts and read the things I was saying, I couldn't believe it. The verbal abuse was nearly worse. I was kind of going, 'God she's become really evil,' but I just of had to go with it.

"I was really worried about it and my mum was really worried about it but actually everyone was really complimentary towards me so that was great."

In particular, she says, the reaction from members of the public has been surprisingly positive.

"There were a few people kind of going, 'oh good on you'. We got a lot of email reaction into the office and that was really positive. We had a few men saying they had been there and that it was really good to give it a voice," she added.

But while her soap marriage has fallen apart following the controversial storyline, in reality life has never been better for the newlywed.

The actress, who has featured on the RTE soap for over 20 years, wed her long-term boyfriend Laurence Flood last May at a romantic ceremony in Roscommon.


Decked out in a Kathy de Stafford gown, the soap star later celebrated her nuptials with a reception in the nearby Kilronan Castle, Ballyfarnon, with a number of Sarah's Carrigstown colleagues, including her TV hubby Maclean Burke.

The couple have a two-year-old daughter, Jennifer, and have been together for more than seven years after meeting during in Australia.

"I'm married since May, it's great," Sarah told the Herald. "I'm almost up to a year now, God it's mad it's gone by so quickly. Because I was so working so much last year it just flew by."