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Fair City stars now accept pay cut deal

Fair City actors have agreed to a 7pc pay cut.

It comes amid claims by their unions that RTE tried to enforce a larger pay cut on them compared with the rest of its staff.

Cuts for RTE staff, apart from Fair City actors, ranged between 4.5pc and 6.85pc.

But unions for Fair City actors claimed the station wanted to impose cuts of 6pc to 8.75pc on them.

Pay cuts had been agreed among most RTE staff earning more than €26,000 per annum -- which ranged from 2.35pc to 12.5pc for the highest earners -- but the soap actors were the latest to come to an agreement.

RTE would not reveal the actors' pay grades.


But it is understood that the stars' salaries is not on par with rates paid in Britain, with some of Fair City's best-known names earning between €60,000 to €70,000, and just one or two actors on €90,000 or €100,000.

"Negotiations have successfully concluded and we're delighted the workers have agreed in what are difficult times for all," an RTE spokesperson said.

But just as some of the state broadcaster's best-known faces have come to a pay conclusion, it has been revealed that public-sector workers are preparing for another "wide-scale strike" over their recent pay cut.

Irish Congress of Trade Unions (ICTU) has said that it was left with no choice but to implement strikes and work-to-rule in its bid to reverse the pay cuts imposed on workers.

It said it was forced into this position after the Government appointed a second pay cut in less than one year, with threats of compulsory redundancies and plans to devalue pensions.


The ICTU committee warned that its plan of action would be "strong and sustained" after pay had been slashed by between 5pc and 15pc to reduce the State payroll by €1bn.

Committee secretary Tom Geraghty said: "Public servants have shown that they have no particular wish to take any action that inconveniences the public that they serve.

"However, the Government has ensured that there is now no alternative.

"The consequences of that situation rest firmly at the Government's door.

"The committee is determined to ensure that public servants are treated with fairness and respect, and is resolved to take action necessary to protect public servants' pay, pension and tenure."

The news means that there will be an increase in demonstrations and protests, industrial action when threats of compulsory redundancies are announced and selective strike action will be used alongside a work-to-rule campaign "at certain times in certain areas".

There is also the possibility of a wide-scale strike at a "strategic point" in the campaign and a flat-out refusal to co-operate with the Government's plan to "transform" the public sector.