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Fair City girls pen 'Dublin's Desperate Housewives'


Caroline Grace Cassidy

Caroline Grace Cassidy

Caroline Grace Cassidy

She was in front of the camera in Fair City and now Caroline Grace Cassidy is writing the Irish version of Desperate Housewives.

She previously played Aoife Coleman in the RTE soap and now runs a production company, Smart Blondes Productions, with her former Fair City co-stars Sarah Flood, Sorcha Furlong, and Elaine Hearty.

The company's Love at First Light recently won the Best One Minute Short Film at the Underground Film Festival.

"We're writing for women and the new TV series we're working on is like a Dublin version of Desperate Housewives, based in the suburbs of the city," she told the Herald.

They're still developing the series, but have already had interest from abroad.

"We had a big meeting with XYZ films in LA, which is like a version of Netflix and they're interested in it," she said.

Caroline (37) says "women's stories aren't told in the mainstream" so they're hoping to "push boundaries" with their new drama.

"Love/Hate was very successful, but it was a very male-driven thing," Caroline said.

"The female parts were so inconsequential really - they were hookers and drug addicts.


"There wasn't any strong females so we're trying to write a drama for really strong females and push that.

"You just don't see enough women's stories in the mainstream so hopefully we'll push a boundary there."

Caroline says that Smart Blondes Productions will continue to work on short films before moving to the silver screen.

Not one to rest on her laurels, Caroline is also working on her fifth novel.

"The new book is flying out of me, which is brilliant," she said.

"It's called The Week I Ruined My Life and it's about this woman who has two kids and decides to have an affair.

"Then the guy turns on her and tells her husband, so basically she ruins her life in a week."