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Fair City cottons on to pyjamas trend

WEARING pyjamas during the day has been popular for some young Dubliners for many years.

And RTE's Fair City has finally cottoned on to the trend, with a new character whose favourite choice of attire is pink PJs.

In an episode due to air at the end of this month, viewers will get an eyeful of a brassy blonde named Sash, who's a cousin of the Bishop family and will be making no big demands on RTE's wardrobe department.

Clearly a big fan of fake tan and smoky eye make-up, she raises eyebrows among the residents of Carrigstown for her fondness for teaming her PJs with Ugg boots.

Her mum is in rehab fighting an alcohol and drug addiction and when she goes to the local community centre, conservative accountant Dermot Fahey spots her and gives out about her attire.

Not taking the criticism lying down though, hippy maverick Cass defends her, saying it's her right to wear what she likes and promptly sparks a dispute among the locals about the issue of daytime PJs.

The following night's episode then sees Dermot deciding to ban people from wearing pyjamas in the community centre. But after Robert meets Sash, he promptly decides that she is not a "skanger." He tells the amused girl that Wayne called her that, prompting her to pour some milk over a shocked Wayne.

And the row doesn't end there, with the next episode seeing Wayne berating Robert for telling Sash what he said about her, while Cass even starts to contemplate the advantages of wearing pyjamas.

An annoyed Dermot pins up a 'no pyjamas' sign in the community centre but Cass defies the ban and arrives into the community centre wearing his pyjamas. A defeated Dermot relents and eventually takes the sign down.