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Ex-EastEnder Kemp lashes 'dumb' TV

Former EastEnders hardman Ross Kemp has criticised the "dumbing down" of current affairs coverage.

The actor-turned-documentary maker is about to star in a new show for Sky 1 looking at the effects of post-traumatic stress disorder on members of the British armed forces.

Celia Taylor, head of factual and features at Sky, said The Invisible Wounded "takes an unflinching look at the cost of war on the young men when they return home".

Kemp said: "The haunting trauma of war can be carried with these people for many years. I hope this documentary made for Sky 1 will go some way to address the issues, stigmas and ways in which we can help those suffering, safeguarding them for the future."

Kemp, who played Grant Mitchell in the BBC1 soap, has won acclaim for documentaries about criminal gangs and the war in Afghanistan.

He has also made a new series of his Extreme World show which sees him investigate witchcraft in Africa and crime and corruption in Pakistan.


He said: "We're very happy that we got recommissioned. We felt the first series was pretty groundbreaking. I think there's a lot of dumbing down in terms of what current affairs are about. I know I'm in an odd situation because I came from an acting background but I love doing what I do presently."

Kemp's new series also sees him go behind the scenes in a lawless Venezuelan prison.

He said: "Access is something we specialise in and I think we've got better access for this series than we did in the last series and that was pretty good."