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Eoghan McDermott: 'I hate being referred to as Niall Horan's friend'


Eoghan McDermott

Eoghan McDermott

Niall Horan celebrating his 21st with Eoghan McDermott and friends

Niall Horan celebrating his 21st with Eoghan McDermott and friends


Eoghan McDermott

He's made no secret of their friendship in the past but Eoghan McDermott has said he finds it "depressing" when he's referred to as Niall Horan's friend.

The Voice of Ireland presenter (32) and the One Direction star (21) are close pals, despite the 11-year age gap, after meeting when they both lived in London, but Eoghan hates being asked about his famous friend, rather than what he's up to himself.

"I went on Brendan O'Connor one time… I had some really good London stories and I thought that if he asked me 'What are you up to at the moment?' I could give him some really interesting stories," he said.

"But all he asked me about was Niall Horan."

The Dubliner admitted he doesn't like being "defined" by his relationship with the boyband star.

"[Now] it's kind of the standard [question I'm asked]. Which is, f***ing hell, it's pretty depressing after a while to be defined by that," he said.

The 2FM presenter is happily loved-up with Assets model Jo Archbold and although the pair have been dating for over a year, Eoghan admitted he had some dating disasters before meeting the pretty blonde.

The bearded TV star revealed he met a celebrity lookalike on dating app Tinder and admitted impressing her came at a very high cost.

"I went on a Tinder date in London with a girl who was Rihanna. I mean she was Rihanna's doppelganger," he said. "She was from Barbados and she was a lawyer for this big financial firm and we got to chatting on Tinder.


"She brought me to this bar in South Kensington, Buddha Bar - lovely food, had a few cocktails and at the end she does, 'Do you want to do a shot?' I says, 'Yeah, I'll do a shot.'"

"The bill comes, and the shots were £200 each. So with the shots and the dinner and a few drinks as well the bill was over £600 [€825]," Eoghan added.

Despite the eye-watering bill, Eoghan said he did his best to be a gentleman and paid for the whole date himself.

"I paid the bill. I had to man up. I don't even think she was being a gold digger - that was just her world," he told Hot Press magazine.

Eoghan's model other half Jo previously opened up about the pair's relationship to the Herald and admitted she would like to follow in her boyfriend's footsteps and make it on TV.

"We met in a club and things went from there," she said.

"I'd love to get into [presenting]. It would be a fun job and if I could do something relating to fashion that would be great.

"But at the moment I'm happy focusing on modelling," she added.