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Elaine Crowley: 'I thought I was fat and ugly for years'


Elaine Crowley

Elaine Crowley

Elaine Crowley

Presenter Elaine Crowley has opened up about her struggle with her weight and how she has to work hard not to pile on the pounds.

The Midday anchor admitted that she thought she was “fat and ugly” for years.

“I’m looking back at pictures of myself when I first started in TV3 and for years I thought I was fat and ugly but I’m probably about three or four stone lighter than I am now,” she said.

“So much of my life was spent in misery but I’ve come to realise there’s a difference between being unhealthily overweight and just being healthy and a bigger size.”

Elaine admits she has to constantly watch what she eats to avoid weight gain.

“I struggle very hard not to be morbidly obese and I mean that genuinely. If I didn’t watch what I eat, I’d be gigantic.”

The Cork native also revealed she’s not rich, even though she works in TV.

“It’s really irritating. People assume because I work on TV I must earn a lot of money. I don’t work in RTE, it doesn’t work like that. Even in RTE, their wages are huge for Ireland but internationally, not really,” she told RSVP Magazine.


“My sister is a travel agent and another one is a nurse. We’re on more or less the same wage.

“And that’s the way it works, people thinking you are loaded – if only,” she added.

Elaine also revealed she’s not bothered about having children or getting married.

“[Having children has] never been a huge craving of mine,” she admitted.