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Dublin Rose Siobheal is tipped for TG4 stardom

Dublin Rose Siobheal Nic Eochaidh has been tipped for a possible new role with TG4.

The Media Studies graduate and fluent Irish speaker has said that she would love to become a presenter or a news anchor.

"That would be my dream job but having said that, I love creative writing and script writing. I did a lot of that in college. I love anything that involves working with people," she said.

The hip-hop dancing Rose, who wowed audiences last night with her fleet footed moves, lost out in the final vote to Queensland Rose Tara Talbot.

Siobheal also said seeing true-blue Dub Imelda May performing last night was one of her festival highlights. "I love the way she represents Dublin so well...it's great to see that pride," said Siobheal.

The Dublin Rose also revealed how her parents -- dad Tony and mum Valerie -- are both cancer survivors.

"My dad had cancer, it was a while ago, about eight or nine years ago and then my mam had breast cancer last summer," she said.

"She's completely cured and she's doing fantastic."

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