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drunk and disorderly

Scott & Bailey

UTV, 9pm In the last episode of the series, Rachel (Suranne Jones, below) discovers Nick has been assaulted -- and she is top of the list of suspects. Worse, she has no recollection of the previous night after a drunken hen party.

Meanwhile, a man's accidental death turns into a murder investigation when his daughters reveal their mother often talked of killing him.

animal magic

Foxes Live: Wild in the City

Channel 4, 8pm

The urban fox is thriving and, in a new series, Mark Evans and Anita Rani explore the lives of foxes across the UK. They use state-of-the-art tracking technology, camera rigs and amateur footage to determine whether the animals deserve their reputation as devious creatures of the night.

new life

Births of the Nation

RTE1, 9.35pm This seems to be the Irish version of One Born Every Minute and follows five expectant mothers as they prepare to welcome their new arrivals. Participants include a Co Meath couple who lost three babies to ectopic pregnancies but became pregnant again through IVF, and an 18-year-old expecting her second child.

Rock on

The 70s

BBC2, 9pm Dominic Sandbrook looks back at the years 1975 to 1977 in Britain, which saw the concept of equal pay and rights at work enshrined in law.

Meanwhile, teenagers dyed their hair andchucked out their flares as punk rock tried to replace the tired acts of the time.