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Drama of missing Irish teen is a worldwide hit

A TV drama about the sudden disappearance of a teenage girl in Dublin, and her family's desperate attempts to find her, is to be broadcast in eight countries.

The four-part drama Amber, by Thaddeus O'Sullivan, which was originally produced for RTE, follows the investigation into the disappearance of 14-year- old Amber Bailey.

The drama's storyline will evoke strong memories of famous 'missing children' cases -- including that of Madeleine McCann.

Each episode of Amber is taken from the perspective of a single individual connected to the case. It includes family, friends and a complete stranger.


The series will air in Denmark, Sweden, Israel, Latin America, Brazil, Canada and Australia after UK-based distribution house Content Media secured a raft of international sales.

Netflix has also acquired the series for its video-on-demand service in the US.

Amber is an emotional journey, set in Dublin, with psychological insight and unexpected twists, according to the show's creators.

Co-written by Rob Cawley and Gary Duggan, the show was inspired by Cawley's experiences working with the search and rescue teams for a series with RTE.

"The aim of Amber is to impart to a general Irish audience the sense of loss, incomprehension and anguish a family feels when a loved one," says Cawley.

Lauryn Canny stars as Amber, with Eva Birthistle (Waking The Dead), David Murray (Raw), and Janice Byrne (Primeval) all taking lead roles.

RTE has not yet announced a broadcast date.