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Don’t mention the war ... oops, I think I just did

RTE star Kathryn Thomas has insisted that she and top model Rosanna Davison have kissed and made up following her on-stage quip at the Walkers TV Now Awards on Saturday night.

The Carlow beauty told the Herald how she approached the former Miss World following the glitzy ceremony at the Mansion House to apologise for her off the cuff remark about Rosanna's now infamous midnight flit to Marrakesh with property developer, Johnny Ronan, last March.


Kathryn (30), who had been presented with the gong by Rosie moments earlier, had attendees in stitches when she joked that she would have to appeal to the Treasury Holdings co-owner to fly her to exotic holiday destinations now that No Frontiers has been axed by RTE.

"Now that the travel show is over I'll have to talk to Johnny Ronan about getting away at some stage," she said.

However the comments received a frosty reception from Rosanna, who friends later revealed was "infuriated" by what she described to them as a "below-the-belt" dig.

Ironically the model had been standing beside the show's co-presenter, Johnny's ex Glenda Gilson (29), marking their first public encounter in months.

Kathryn laughed off any speculation of a row, however, insisting that Rosanna saw the funny side.

"It wasn't planned at all," Kathryn told the Herald. "Glenda and Rosanna, they laugh these things off. We're fine.

"I was a bit shocked at myself afterwards to be honest. I didn't even know Rosanna wasn't going to be presenting that award. It was completely off the cuff. I just got a bit excited when Jedward came out and I was a bit giddy, I'm going to blame them," she laughed.

Glenda took the quip in her stride, revealing: "I just heard 'Johnny Ronan' and she turned around. I was like 'Oh God'. I said to her 'I'm going to kill you' but it was a joke."

But while the Xpose presenter appeared to have seen the funny side, Rosanna (26) was visibly irked by the comments, which came in the wake of an earlier jibe at her expense from co-host Michael O'Doherty.

While inviting everyone in attendance to an after-party at Krystle nightclub he quipped: "Rosie your private jet is being fuelled as we speak."

And Rosanna added: "I didn't really hear it, but whatever she said I'm sure it was just a bit of fun."

The pair were later spotted enjoying the festivities at Harcourt Street haunt, Krystle nightclub, albeit separately.


While Kathryn was joined by her garda beau, Enda Waters, Rosanna's other half Wesley Quirke was nowhere to be seen, having stayed away from the glitzy bash.

The couple have not been seen at the VIP haunt in months, sparking rumours that they were boycotting the venue after Wes was allegedly turned away -- however Rosanna insists that she has been too busy in recent weeks to visit the VIP club.