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Desperate hounds and head turners

> A DISTRAUGHT pet owner rang Liveline; her dog Sam was in the slammer, and they wanted €80 to release her. Every listener must have been furious listening to this awful tale, until they heard the phrase: "Well, the last time she was in the pound . . ."

"The caller is in the wrong!" Brendan, a vet, told host Damien O'Reilly. "She should be in control of her dog. Pet ownership conveys responsibility."

"[The pound's] suggestion is that I render my dog homeless!" Sandra spluttered.

"If you can't afford the €80 fine . . . if you can't take personal responsibility for it, you can't expect the nanny state to look after it," sniffed Brendan.

If you can't afford a pet, you shouldn't have a pet. Eh? Are we supposed to get our healthy pets destroyed, then, as they did in England at the start of World War II?

At the same time, I'd be worried at a mother living so close to the edge that neither she, nor her family or friends, can rustle up €80.

Sandra had a happy outcome this time. A kind man drove up and gave her €100 cash to release her dog, and presumably buy it a tag. I'm sure she's going to pay it back to him, though, even if it's at €1 a week.

> Ray D'Arcy was talking to Steve Biddulph, an authority on raising children, who says the worst time for parents, especially single parents, is early adolescence. Boys, the man says, are different from girls. News just in: "At the age of 14, a boy will argue with a road sign."

This makes them different? Has he actually met any 14-year-old girls? The little darlings wouldn't just argue with a road sign, they'd make it change from Go to Yield.

> Tom Dunne dropped into Newstalk's Breakfast Show and somehow the talk turned to the way men's heads turn reflexively as they see a good-looking woman going by.

"You can't help it," said Ivan Yates. "It's a male thing."

"Yes you can," snapped his co-host Claire Byrne. "If he's with me and he's looking at someone else, it's on your way, Sunny Jim."

Ivan whuffled in protest, and Tom and Claire assured him that no, no, when your eyes go back in your head and you're drooling out of both sides of your mouth, it's not a good look on a mature man. Really, not.

A few minutes later, amid a foaming froth of anti-gay-marriage texts, in came one vindicating Ivan's viewpoint. Unfortunately it was from General Lee Utterly Bonkers.

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