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Deadly weapons

Exposure: Gaddafi And The IRA

UTV, 10.35pm Some years back the Libyan leader (below) was a vital cog in the IRA's terror campaign. He provided the organisation with cash and a network to import an arsenal of heavy weaponry into the North.

In time relations cooled, but not before those guns and bombs added to the death and destruction in the North.

Breating fire

Dragons' Den

BBC2, 9pm It is hoped that a novel tool for "declumping mascara" will catch the eye of the female Dragons in the lair tonight.

There's also an entrepreneur with a million-pound turnover looking for a hefty investment, while fold-away shelving for balconies divides opinion.

What's up doc?

Doc Martin

UTV, 9pm The doc doesn't know what to make of his new receptionist's strange antics. He puts her batty behaviour down to her somewhat quirky personality, but when she turns up at his home at 6.30am and begins frantically washing his pots and pans, he knows something isn't right.

Is she high on drugs or is there a more straightforward explanation?

Life on the square


RTE1, 8pm Masood visits Zainab after learning about her overdose and the distraught couple open up to each other about their regrets. Afterwards, Masood decides there is only one thing he can do to help his wife.

Meanwhile, Ben is alarmed when Patrick sees him kiss Duncan, Tyler discovers that Anthony bet against him, and Syed tries to find out what happened to his mother.