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Dead Ringer

Tonight with Mario Rosenstock

TV3, 10.30pm New series. Rosenstock (below) does a mean Vincent Browne . . . just as tetchy and combative as the real thing -- the only question is whether the impressionist's other gags are up to that mark, as he offers up a series of sketches, gags and musical skits.

Money talk

Ian Hislop: When Bankers Were Good

BBC2, 9pm No . . . no, really . . . surely shume mishtake as Sean Connery might say. However, Ian Hislop reveals how many Victorian financiers were far from comfortable about their new-found riches, prompting them to give much of it away.

I hope our shower of bankers are watching this!

on the wild side

The Adventurer's Guide to Britain

UTV, 7.30pm New series. Exploring and enjoying the hidden wonders of the great outdoors with naturalist Charlotte Uhlenbroek and TV presenter Gethin Jones. They begin in the Peak District, where Gethin takes to the skies in a microlight for

a bird's-eye view of the landscape, while Charlotte gets up close and personal with a spooky underworld labyrinth.

food for thought

The Food Hospital

C4, 8pm You might have thought gout was a preserve of the rich and indolent, but it's still with us as one 36-year-old man will testify. He visits the hospital for help dealing with what he discovers is a hereditary illness.

The doctors hear from a woman seeking a dietary cure for depression, and a mother-of-three who has lived on pancakes and chocolate for two years. Pixie McKenna is also on hand to reveal the truth about detox diets.