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Dazed Louis steps in for The Hoff on BGT

Louis Walsh stepped in to take the place of David Hasselhoff as guest judge in tonight's episode of Britain's Got Talent and was left more than a little confused by some of the acts.

The Mayo man joined the judging panel on the ITV1 show as it came to London searching for a new star.

First up for viewers is seven-year-old Olivia who read the judges a poem with a difference -- she had a 6ft snake called Lucy wrapped around her neck while she recited it.

She was swiftly followed by a trio of martial arts-meets-Bollywood dancers and 50-year-old Anthony who mixes his love of art with taking his trousers off -- sending the judges hurrying to their buzzers before he can get too far.

Walsh got more confused as the acts got stranger with a dance act based on Star Wars and Michael Jackson leaving him scratching his head.

He tells the other judges: "I didn't get it at all. I don't see the point of the act. I just don't see anything interesting in the act, I just don't get it. Is it just me?"

Things do not improve when Tim enters the stage with a finger snapping act, prompting an exasperated Walsh to say: "Erm, I didn't really get it."

The next act is an improvement -- a dance group dressed like Edward Scissorhands that meets with Walsh's approval and relief backstage from host Ant who tells Dec: "Louis got it, he got it."

The last act on is 12-year-old singer Ronan but it is his parents who seem more nervous.

His mother Maggie tells the camera: "We're very nervous about today.

"I'll just be really pleased that he's done something that he wants to do and just hope people like him and they don't buzz him. For a boy of 12 it is a big experience. It takes a lot of courage."

Britain's Got Talent is on TV3 and ITV1 at 8pm tonight