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David Tennant's US debut 'put on hold' by NBC

Doctor Who star David Tennant's hopes of cracking America have been dealt a blow after his show, Rex Is Not Your Lawyer, was reportedly put on hold.

The drama pilot was being considered for NBC's spring schedules but that idea has been rejected, according to reports.

A source told Entertainment Weekly: "The sets are coming down this week."

Tennant, 38, landed the starring role as Rex Alexander, a Chicago lawyer who suffers from panic attacks and has to coach his clients to represent themselves in court.

The actor said he hoped the drama would be a launchpad for a new career in the US, after bowing out of Doctor Who.

"It seems British actors are more and more in vogue there - look at Hugh Laurie," Tennant said recently, referring to the British comedy actor who has become a US favourite thanks to his role in House.

"He's just about as big a star as you get in the States and he's made it in a role he would never have been given here.

"But I'm not really thinking, 'Well, they all did it, so I'll do it'. There's no great plan. You just muddle along and if an opportunity comes up it would be silly not to take it."

The pilot episode was commissioned in October and filmed in December. The source said it may be aired in the autumn. It was directed and executive produced by David Semel, who directed the pilot for Heroes.

Rumours persist that Tennant has been cast in Peter Jackson's forthcoming adaptation of The Hobbit.

His name was linked to the role of Bilbo Baggins in July last year and the rumour resurfaced at the weekend when it emerged that he had pulled out of his latest film, Burke and Hare, a black comedy about the 19th century grave robbers.

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