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Darren stunned after bootleg Gay Daddy documentary becomes a worldwide hit

WE knew he was popular, but this is taking the biscuit.

Top Dublin stylist Darren Kennedy was shocked to discover that his documentary series Gay Daddy is a hit around the world.

There's just one problem, it's not exactly legal.

The fashion guru said he was shocked to discover that bootleg DVDs of the RTE show he filmed last year were being sold online.

The documentary is being made available on a website which offers a "full uncut episode on one DVD".

However, according to the 32-year-old stylist, the series has not been made available by RTE on DVD since it first appeared last year.


The stand-alone feature was released last October as part of the Reality Bites series during which Darren explored the options available to a gay man in Ireland who wants to become a father.

"I couldn't believe it when I saw it because I thought a DVD of the programme wasn't available anywhere," Darren told the Herald.

"RTE had it up online for three weeks after it was aired and it was the most streamed show during that time.

"But that was it, so its weird and just shows that you need to be careful online. There were about 2,000 ratings for the DVD on site," he added.

The news coincided with the broadcast of his second documentary series in the Reality Bites series.

In the programme Like A Virgin, which was shown on RTE2 last night, Darren took a look at Irish people's attitude to virginity.