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Crimecall's Anne haunted by plight of missing victims

CRIMECALL presenter Anne Cassin has revealed she is still haunted by the stories of missing people and severe crime cases highlighted on the TV show.

The presenter said that she finds it difficult to remove herself from the human faces behind the hard crime stories.

"One in particular stands out from the last year -- the Robert Delaney gun attack," she said.

"He was an innocent post office worker and the anniversary of the attack on him is coming up.

"The man is still living, so it might not get all the headlines and coverage that the murders would, but the case is still outstanding."

Anne said that she finds herself wondering about where the outcome of unsolved cases.

"With the missing person cases, when you talk to the investigating gardai, you start to think about what the person is like and familiarise yourself with the stories," she said.

"Sometimes you never hear the story again, because you have to move onto the next programme. But that doesn't mean that they don't affect you.

"I still think about the family of Philip Kearns, whose disappearance is still unsolved.

"But you do have to retain an air of professionalism, I have a job to do."

Earlier, Anne said that she felt frustrated by the reluctance of gardai to provide all CCTV footage and information they have surrounding certain cases.

But she said that she has since revised her opinion.

"The TV head on me thinks that we should show all of the pictures and try to put an overall picture together of the case," she said.

"But there are often legal reasons why we can't use as much information as we would like.

"We need to be 100pc certain that this is the same person.

"We're trying to make a TV programme and gain the public's interest. But at the same time you don't want to jeopardise the case --I still think that you can make it watchable."

The RTE presenter said that she enjoys the challenge of switching between 'hard news' in Crimecall and the lighter side of journalism with Capital D.

"I like flipping from one to the other," she said.

She said that Crimecall may investigate the use of social media as another dimension for the programme in up and coming series.

"Social media is something that we cant ignore," she said.

"Interestingly when we ask people to contact if they have information, they can call or text but the majority of people still call."

The new series of Crimecall airs tonight on RTE 1 at 10.15pm.