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Compelling show reveals naked truth

Having encouraged women to embrace their bingo wings, back bangers and general wobbly bits, Gok Wan has now joined ranks with the current zeitgeist and rolled out his first crusader show: How to Look Good Naked... With a Difference.

Pray tell, what is this mysterious difference? Will he be asking a string of sub-lebrities to reveal all? The women that this show centres on are all disabled. (And somewhere, far, far away in the distance, a pin was heard dropping...).

You can only imagine the wranglings with PC culture that the programming department came up against when deciding on a title for this show. Gok and co chose not to negotiate these social minefields by plumping for the fantastically vague and seemingly inoffensive "different" to describe Tracy Warren, a 40-year-old mother of one who is confined to a wheelchair since developing a tumour at the age of 16.

Warren is a 'not waving but drowning' type. On the outside she is all cheesy grin and cheery disposition; on the inside she is consumed with self-loathing. She confides to Gok that she never looks in mirrors. When she was placed in front of three mirrors in just her underwear, her mood swayed from anger to frustration to disgust.

"My awful legs and fat stomach. I just don't want to be this anymore," she grimaced. It was a sobering watch for women who have ever indulged in self-loathing (every one of us) and it made the body woes that the subjects of previous shows voiced seem very, very small indeed.

The new series will see Gok meet three disabled women with zero body confidence, while his disability ambassadors, Nicky and Tash, will find out why there is no "visible disability" on the high street.

Hopefully this is the first rather than the only step, and judging by Wan's passion, it might just be. His advice was both practical -- he acknowledged the difficulty that people in wheelchairs have in finding clothes; and compassionate -- he encouraged disabled people to embrace their disabilities rather than hide them.

Behind the front and the flourish was a compelling piece of programming that sought to challenge our perception of beauty.

Looking good naked was also a pressing concern for the Celebrity Big Brother housemates last night. Well, two of them -- ex-model Ivana Trump and page 3 model Nicola Tappenden -- who were nominated by the rest of the group to model for a life drawing class.

Both enjoyed the task immensely, in particular Trump, who seemed to forget all lingerie anxieties as she self-assuredly channeled a Roman sculpture.

Stephanie Beacham raised concerns about Trump taking part before conceding, "I suppose I'm being ageist". How very wrong: Ivana's 60-year-old curves and confidence trumped the anemic-looking frame of her 26-year-old housemate. Gok would be proud.

Byrne's stars

How to Look Good Naked... with a Difference ***

Celebrity Big Brother ****