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Comic capers

Meet Your Neighbours

RTE1, 10.15pm New six-part series of comedy sketches set in a Dublin suburb in which PJ Gallagher (below) plays a host of colourful characters (ooh, I always worry when they use that phrase . . .). Included are conjoined twins with different sexual tastes (see what I mean?), a GAA fan and a mixed-race couple who have a problem with foreigners. Let's hope it doesn't turn out to be Neighbours from Hell . . .

GAte to success

Scealta Atha Cliath -- Orson Welles and the Gate Theatre

TG4, 10pm Fascinating look at actor and director Orson Welles' links to Dublin. Arriving in Galway from America for a European art tour, he decided to venture no further than Ireland and a chance meeting with a young actor saw the talented Welles arriving at the door of the Gate Theatre.

small world

Life's Too Short

BBC2, 9.30pm Desperate dwarf Warwick Davis makes an awkward appearance at a sci-fi convention and humiliates himself at a Star Wars-themed wedding. But his career seems to be back on track when Johnny Depp asks him to research a new movie role. Spoof documentary from The Office creators Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant.

up all night

Waking Up to Insomnia: Tonight

UTV, 7.30pm Geraint Vincent reports on insomnia, one of the most common mental-health complaints, and asks what can be done to help people who suffer from it. Obviously, they need to talk with some Irish bankers . . . who have not lost a wink of sleep in the past few years.