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Chilly challenge

Harry's Arctic Heroes

BBC1, 9pm With freezing temperatures of minus 50 degrees celsius and chilling winds of 110mph, it's fair to say that Prince Harry (below) is somewhat out of his comfort zone. He accompanies four British soldiers who overcame severe injuries from their time serving in Afghanistan to partake in a gruelling 200-mile charity trek to the North Pole.


I'm Pregnant With

Their Baby

BBC1, 10.35pm This is the story of three women who have each decided to give a childless couple a much longed for baby.

Lyndsay is carrying a child for a stranger who became infertile following a battle with cancer. Louise decides to become pregnant for a couple who have wanted a baby for the past 13 years and 20-year-old Shannon is waiting for a suitable couple to help.


Seven Dwarves

Channel 4, 9pm The series on the lives of seven dwarf actors turns its attention to Josh as he gets his 20th birthday celebrations under way. He dresses up as an Oompa Loompa and reveals how his mother and grandfather were both Ewoks in Star Wars. His excitement is short-lived, however, when the girl of his dreams, Laura, rebukes his offer to take their friendship to the next level.


The Sex Education Show

Channel 4, 8pm Anna Richardson wraps up the series tonight. Explaining the laws of physical attraction, she points out that humans "come in all shapes and sizes" and insists there are no hard and fast rules in the mating game.