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Child's play

Outnumbered: RTE1, 11.35pm In this new series of the hilarious family comedy, Gran takes the family out for a day of sightseeing in London.

Karen is unimpressed with modern art, Jake is devastated to discover he is unable to text, and Pete uses a visit to HMS Belfast to stage a re-enactment of the Second World War. With Hugh Dennis (left), Claire Skinner and Rosalind Ayres.

across the years


RTE1, 8.30pm

In what seems to be a fairly offbeat approach, Belfast grandmother Maire Andrews visits families around the country in this new series. The idea is that, with the wisdom of years, she can dispense sage advice on childrearing. In the first episode, she visits the O Cionnaiths, a multi-national family with three children that is struggling to cope with a system of three languages.


Landlords from Hell

Channel 4, 8pm Rip-off landlords are making a return. In Britain, living in downmarket accommodation is the order of the day for some hard-pressed tenants, who simply don't have the money to pay for quality accommodation. Evidence would suggest this is also a growing problem in Ireland.


Obama: An Fior Nasc Gaelach

RTE1, 7.30pm Long before he sipped a pint in Moneygall, County Offaly, the US President was a fan of the so-called Grandfather of the American Civil Rights Movement, Frederick Douglass. He had strong Irish connections, and took refuge in this country back in the 1840s.