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Cheating Molly's farewell

Lara resorts to thievery to bolster the savings in her deposit book, hoping to impress her social worker and regain custody of Jane. Deegan is upset when Jennifer agrees to go on a date with Leo, and Sean persists in his efforts to persuade Niamh to throw Paul out.

Dolores overhears Wayne having a suspicious conversation, and Deegan refuses to help Leo when he needs advice for his forthcoming date with Jennifer. Elsewhere, Zumo tries to lure Zara back into his criminal ways.

On the second anniversary of Vera's death, Molly prepares to tell Tyrone she is leaving him. Sian's father turns up on the street in a rage after discovering that his daughter is sleeping with Ryan, David plots to put off a couple of potential buyers interested in No 8, and Becky reaches the end of her tether when Steve buys a new set of golf clubs.

Tyrone watches helplessly as Molly walks out on their marriage, after denying she has been having an affair.

Kevin tries to ignore events across the street and focus on Sally's cancer treatment. Lloyd warns Steve he is throwing his life away as the arguments with Becky continue, while Anna shows off her photos of Gary in uniform.

Minnie continues to interfere with Frances' wedding plans, but when she criticises her parenting skills the bride-to-be reaches boiling point, while Tadhg's stag do ends badly.

The Mitchells prepare for the reopening of the Vic as Peggy struggles to accept that Roxy is now in control of the pub. Jane tries to persuade Ian to buy Janine's silence and protect their future, but he later receives a visit from DCI Marsden, while Pat is delighted by news of Ricky and Bianca's engagement.

Ian protests his innocence at the police station and demands to be released, but when DCI Marsden produces a vital piece of evidence against him, his future looks bleak. Meanwhile, Denise fears a new woman may have her eyes on Lucas, and Ronnie comes to a decision about Glenda.

Charity causes trouble at the factory, and Maisie is heartbroken to find Ryan turning back to Katie. Elsewhere, Ashley decides that if Sally does not leave the village, he will; Viv wastes little time gossiping about the Wyldes; and Bob worries when Eli insists on finding Lizzie a man.

Sally resorts to desperate measures to stop Ashley leaving the village, and Charity begins preparations for her and Cain's wedding, planning a modest occasion. Meanwhile, Nicola becomes stressed about the christening when she discovers Ashley is taking a sabbatical, and Maisie tries to persuade Natasha to talk to Will.

Lauren and Gaz's unlikely relationship causes a stir in the common room, not least for Anita, who is mortified to learn of her best friend's romance with her mortal enemy. Meanwhile, Steph's heart melts when she witnesses Gilly's attempts to win back Cheryl.

Tony continues to worry about his marriage, and decides to set a trap at the boutique that will prove Cindy still needs his help.

Meanwhile, Rhys finally acknowledges the severity of Hannah's condition, only for her to reject his support, and a misunderstanding leads Leo to believe Cheryl is pregnant.