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Charity's joy rings loudly

Bela is asked to intervene in the breakdown of Paul and Niamh's relationship, but when he expresses a harsh view of the situation, Connie reminds him of his own extra-marital affairs.

Meanwhile, Kylie is distressed when she receives a package from her mother containing her father's wedding ring, and Jo is dubious that Dermot will be able to handle his increasing workload.

Tracey gives Dominic's ring away to a charity shop, and Yvonne tells Bela she will give the child up for adoption, regardless of Niamh and Paul taking the baby.

Joe faces more threats from the loan shark when the sale of No 8 falls through, putting a damper on preparations for his and Gail's wedding. Sally agrees to whatever treatment is recommended by the specialist, and Becky pours her heart out to Roy and Hayley as her arguments with Steve affect Amy.

Sally and Kevin agree to remain positive, but promise to keep her illness secret from their daughters until they have a prognosis. The loan shark uses Tina as a means of squeezing money out of Joe, Matt feels threatened by Dev's declaration to Sunita that he is single again, and Liz tries to persuade Becky to return home.

Daniel and Caomhan make things personal when they go head-to-head to attract new customers into the cafe and tapas bar, and Maire plots to get rid of her American guest Sibeal.

Ronnie resolves to catch Archie's killer and soon points the finger at Janine, while Heather learns Phil lied to the police about his whereabouts at the time of the murder. Darren pleads with Libby to give him another chance and Peter finds out that Tamwar has been dishonest with Afia.

Lucy throws a party to get closer to Leon, and ends up with a houseful, including a boy nicknamed Fat Boy, and blue-haired beauty Zsa Zsa, who takes an interest in Peter.

Meanwhile, DCI Marsden confronts Phil about his false alibi, before going to the Mitchells' to arrest one of them, and Stacey and Bradley decide to start a new life away from Walford.

Nathan gives Ryan a stern warning, telling him not to hurt Maisie, and Aaron overreacts to Cain's taunts after he is chatted up by a gay customer at the garage. Elsewhere, Nicola accuses Ashley of having an affair with Sally, and Holly struggles to locate a venue for Aaron's birthday party.

Katie is devastated when Ryan admits he does not love her, and Adam is furious to see Aaron using Holly to hide his true feelings. Ashley worries the gossip about his and Sally's relationship will get back to Laurel, and Cain surprises Charity with an expensive engagement ring.

Gilly finds he is unable to dash Cheryl's dreams by breaking off their engagement, and instead tries to demonstrate why he is not marriage material. Meanwhile, Sheila fumes when she sees Elliot helping Leila prepare for an interview, Nancy returns from Canada, and Amy snaps up an opportunity to spend less time at home.

Darren breaks his promise to accompany Hannah to a counselling session. Meanwhile, Gilly reconsiders his relationship with Cheryl, Anita is disappointed when her house party fails, and Leila learns the job she has applied for is in Paris -- forcing her to consider if she could leave her family behind.