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Celeb trainer to make you feel the 'Byrne' on TV

GRAINNE Seoige's celebrity trainer Paul Byrne has nabbed a new fitness show as he embarks on a mission to tone up the nation.

The Herald can reveal how the founder of BodyByrne, which counts many of Ireland's top celebs among its clients, will be starting a new programme entitled Fitness At Home.

Screened on City Channel for the entire month of July, he and his team of ace trainers have filmed a string of five-minute segments going out four times a day with half hour shows at the weekend.

"The station approached me about doing something for TV," he explained. "I have lots of celebrity clients and they would contact me to come to their hotel rooms or their houses for a short workout and that's where the idea came from.

"We filmed it all in the studio, we did the whole lot in a day and these are routines you can do yourself at home. And they do work. It's really hard-core routines that we've used for years that we've devised into these short classes and it works much better than doing an hour on the treadmill. We're not going to waste time doing things that don't work. This will definitely get results."


The trainer has been credited with helping tone up the figures of a host of big-name stars including Grainne Seoige, Glenda Gilson and Rosanna Davison. Asked if he had asked any of them for advice on fronting his own TV show, he added: "I did talk to a few of them about it and a couple of people looked at it and said that I'm getting more relaxed on TV. I have done a few small things in the past but I'm definitely loosening up in front of the camera."

He will also hit our small screens later this month when an RTE 1 documentary Climb For Kids airs on July 18.