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Casey to help Traveller women

PRESENTER Norah Casey will offer advice and guidance to Traveller women willing to start up their own business as part of a new TV show.

The businesswoman is preparing to start filming on her series about entrepreneurial Traveller women after it was given the green light by RTE.

The "ground-breaking" series will start filming in the coming weeks.

"It is still at a pre-production stage and I am talking to various different women about going into their homes," Norah told the Herald.

"The Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI) gave it the green light last November, but this is a hugely sensitive area so there has been a lot of discussion with directors and producers."

"This is a new departure for all of us so it will be a challenge for me," admitted Norah.

"It is not something I want to explore as a quick fix; I have a genuine interest in trying to help these women."

The series, which will see Casey meeting Traveller women who are trying to make a living for themselves in various industries across the country, is expected to air as part of RTE's new autumn schedule.


"I am taking my time with this, I have met so many women in business, but Traveller women have it a lot tougher and deal with so many different stigmas and challenges," Norah said.

"I am hoping the series will shine a light on these challenges and show that these women can work and do want to work."

The 49-year-old, who is also filming the final episode of her RTE Two show The Takeover, the second series of which will start on March 20, is still writing her book, Spark.

Norah signed a lucrative deal to pen a semi-autobiographical self-help book for publisher giant Penguin last year and said that she is under pressure to finish it.

"I had four chapters to write over the weekend so the book is a big focus at the moment as I only have a few weeks to finish it," Casey said.