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Cameras caught moment I didn't want to be seen

Mark Greene (18) had some of the most crucial moments of his secondary school career documented by the film crew.

During one scene, Mark approached his principal, Mr Gaffney, to inform him that he no longer wanted to stay in school and would be leaving to look for work. But the teen said he was so captivated by Mr Gaffney's insistence that he stay, he decided to finish off his Leaving Cert.

In spite of the personal nature of his decision, like everything else on the show, the conversation was filmed. But Mark said he was so comfortable with the camera crew at that stage that it made no difference.


However, the one moment he regrets being filmed was one of the most painful in his life. During a football match after school, Mark dislocated his knee, ending his football career forever.

"I was playing football and dislocated my knee, that was fairly awkward. It's a bit weird because now I can't play anymore. That was a moment I never would have wanted anyone to see," he said.

Although the cameras became a part of the regular school routine at St Peter's, Mark said that it was initially a little awkward..

"It was a bit weird at first, we were mostly all just slagging each other. We all just tried to make each other laugh, we didn't know what to do."