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RTE1, 7.30pm Christian is furious when he spots Syed and Amira (below) together at the cafe -- and later warns his boyfriend that he must choose between their relationship and the one he has with his daughter.

Meanwhile, Janine enjoys bossing her new employees around.

It's just another dysfunctional day in happyland . . .


James May's Man Lab

BBC2, 8pm James May returns for a new series of his quest to re-skill the modern male. Handcuffed to Oz Clarke, they break out of Dartmoor prison. They must navigate across the moors, with trackers (ie TV licence holders demanding their money back) in pursuit and just a map and a compass to help them. May also builds a slate-bed pool table, turns his hand to portrait painting and learns how to remember people's names at a party.


The Truth About Ireland's Puppy Farms

TV3, 10pm Some wuff justice here as Ireland is revealed as having the title of the 'Puppy Farm Capital of Europe'. The programme investigates why the trend is being allowed to continue, leading to so many unwanted pets being put down in pounds every day.


Death in Paradise

BBC1, 9pm When a British policeman is found murdered on the tiny paradise island of Saint-Marie, Detective Inspector Richard Poole (Ben Miller) is sent to investigate. He's the perfect man for the job -- but wouldn't you just know it, he hates sun, sea and sand. Life can be a real beach sometimes...