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Bump is out of the bag

Louie rejects Bob's advice to invest in a new business, and belittles him further by pulling rank at McCoys. Meanwhile, Christy struggles to make plans for Carol's birthday, Kylie tries to get her life back on track in Tracey's absence, and Suzanne's apparent debts give Damien cause for concern.

Jo tries to persuade Kylie to ignore Dean and move on, and Damien's heavy-handed approach to Mark's studies causes them to argue.

Peter and Leanne run into old friend Ciaran (Boyzone's Keith Duffy reprising the role), who might be able to solve their problem with the new bar, but their difficulties over Simon's schooling continue to drive a wedge between them and Ken.

Becky confides in Claire about her pregnancy, while Betty is interviewed by the Gazette after being named as the oldest barmaid in the north-west of England.

Steve tries to boost Becky's confidence about motherhood in the hope she will agree to keep the baby.

Ciaran's return to the street reawakens Peter's yearning for alcohol. Kevin is still caught between Tyrone and Molly and angrily confronts his former lover. Janice is thrilled by the response to her ad for a lodger.

Riona begins her recovery in hospital following her failed suicide attempt, but refuses to discuss her decision to take her own life. Meanwhile, Brid's estranged husband arrives in town.

Roxy turns down Peggy's offer of help at the Vic as she begins recruiting for new bar staff, with Billy and Stacey among those in the running. Amira feels rejected by Syed, which sends her into the arms of Danny, while Bianca worries about money and her father's lack of contact as her wedding day approaches.

Jack admits to Ronnie he followed her to Archie's grave and warns her not to arouse suspicion with her behaviour.

Bianca is disappointed by news from her father and Billy is shocked by Roxy's plan to charge him rent.

Amira struggles with her guilt after the kiss with Danny.

The Bartons visit Diane's for dinner, but Hannah storms out when conversation turns to school, and the youngster reaches breaking point after receiving another bullying text.

Elsewhere, Maisie tries to put on a brave face, and Val and Pollard are over the moon with the restaurant's performance.

Faye is furious when Natasha tells her that Ryan should stay away from Maisie, accusing her of trying to forget about Mark.

Moira and Diane are shocked when Victoria comes home from school with scratches on her face and a bleeding ear, and Carl continues to avoid taking responsibility for his children.

Hannah's new-found stability is placed in jeopardy when her old flame, Jamie, turns up in the village, but he quickly defies expectations by proving he is a reformed character.

Meanwhile, Calvin throws a themed dating event at the Loft, and when Mercedes takes the opportunity to flirt openly with the host, Kris takes matters into his own hands to protect a heartbroken Malachy.

Hannah is mortified to learn that Rhys has attacked Jamie, who genuinely seems to have turned over a new leaf.

Meanwhile, Ravi decides to stop letting his health determine his future by forming a new boxing club.