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Bullies left me depressed, reveals Big Brother star Jade Lynch


Jade Lynch Big Brother

Jade Lynch Big Brother

Jade Lynch Big Brother

She's known for her confident and feisty stint on Big Brother, but Jade Lynch has revealed that she was left depressed as a teenager because of bullying.

The reality star (24) said she suffered through years of torment at the hands of cruel bullies before finding the courage to stand up to them by developing a more outgoing persona she calls "the other Jade".

"I was nearly suicidal at 14. I kept mitching school because I was scared to go in. Then I left and got bullied around the place I was living," Jade said.

"I always knew there was something bigger and better for me out there.

"Now when I walk by them they put their head down, as opposed to me putting my head down.

"My energy has changed. I read books and got myself out to the world and escaped it all."


Raised by her lesbian mother, the Coolock native said she never knew her father, despite the fact he was a close friend of her mother.

"My mam wanted a baby. She was with her partner at the time. My mam wanted to get pregnant," said Jade.

"So they knew this Italian guy they were very close to at the time and they explained to him that they wanted a baby.

"So he gave his sperm and here I am. He went on his way.

"My mam didn't want him to have anything to do with me. I was her baby and that was it."