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Bryan misses co-host Anne and old pal Charlie

NEWS broadcaster Bryan Dobson says he misses his former colleagues Anne Doyle and Charlie Bird.

"I miss Charlie terribly," the Six One host told the Herald.

"He had kind of been gone in the last while, because he's been over in radio and in the States, but he would always come back to us. So it's sad to see him completely gone.

"And Anne also left this year. It was a real loss when she said goodbye to the station."

Bryan (52) said that the departure of his co-hosts had been one of the many challenges the newsroom and RTE had faced this year.


"It's been a period of upheaval for everyone; with the Father Reynolds controversy, the departure of the head of news and current affairs and the arrival of Kevin Bakhurst.

"This is the most change I have ever seen in the 30 years I have been working. It's a difficult time."

RTE's financial situation has not helped matters, with the station reporting a net deficit of nearly €17m last year.

"Like every business in the country we're struggling financially," Bryan said.

"So you put all of those things together and you get a sense of instability.

"I must stress though, that this is not a situation unique to RTE -- it's happening to businesses all over the country."

Bryan also said that the pace and turnaround of a busy news desk had prevented him from getting too overwhelmed.

"Every day I'm thinking; what are we going to cover? Who can I get on the programme tonight?

"What stories are we leading with? So I'm fairly consumed by that.

"Every day is different. You're always starting afresh which is great."