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'Bronco' Dunne -- How I ran guns with The General

NOTORIOUS Dublin gangster Christy 'Bronco' Dunne has told how he sourced hundreds of weapons for paramilitary group Saor Eire -- asking The General to assist him.

In a new interview, Dunne reveals for the first time how he teamed up with Martin 'The General' Cahill to source guns for the paramilitary group at the start of the Troubles.

Dunne was notorious for raids on cash-in-transit vans but the Cahill link in supplying weapons has only now emerged. Christy Dunne is a brother of Larry Dunne, a hated criminal who flooded the streets of Dublin with heroin in the 70s and early 80s.

In a TV interview with National Geographic, Bronco Dunne has now told how he and The General supplied weapons to republican paramilitaries at the start of the troubles in the North.

Ironically, Cahill was later shot in 1993 for having dealings with loyalist paramilitaries -- allegedly by the IRA.


"At the beginning of the Troubles, I remember telling Martin Cahill that any weapons he came across... would be well appreciated and he went out all over the country and he brought me back hundreds of weapons and I turned them over to the people who needed them," Dunne said.

"The police never connected him to me because of the generation gap."

During a stint in Mountjoy, Dunne forged links with the Republican group Saor Eire and helped the organisation source weaponry for their campaign.

Saor Eire, a group made up of revolutionaries, anarchists and paramilitaries, wanted to ignite a socialist revolution funded by armed bank robberies.

The group was responsible for the murder of Garda Richard Fallon who was shot in cold blood as he attempted to halt a bank robbery at the AIB branch on Arran Quay in Dublin in April 1970.

"They said the gun that shot him (Garda Fallon) I brought into the country. But sure I mean, uh, I can't say anything about that. It's all speculation, you know," Dunne added.

Following a funeral of one of the Saor Eire members, Dunne made a speech at the GPO and fired a shot into the air.

He was sentenced to six months in prison but to illustrate his volatility he punched the judge after his sentencing.

Christy Dunne, Larry Dunne and their seven crime brothers would spawn an age of armed robbery and violence from the early 70s onwards.

Herald columnist Gerry O'Carroll, who also features in the documentary, said: "Larry took the family from the root of armed robbery and the more lucrative and emerging scene of heroin and cannabis.

"He amassed a fortune from it. Many of his own family became the dealers and his young thugs became the street sellers of it."

UNDERWORLD: Dublin's Gangland will be aired on National Geographic on April 4 at 8pm