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Broken lives

Remembering Omagh: The Victims' Story

TV3, 10.05pm The 1998 Omagh bomb blast killed 29 people and injured 220 leaving many of them maimed for life. The Real IRA terror attack left a legacy of bitterness and heartache which will take generations to heal.

Some of the survivors tell of their ongoing nightmare trying to rebuild broken lives.


The Hour

BBC2, 9pm It's the second to last episode of this drama series set in a BBC newsroom in the 1950s starring Romola Garai and Dominic West (left).

Various big stories need to be covered, but it's the drama underpinning the lives of the journalists which provides the real meaty stuff.

Clarence gives Bel an ultimatum about her affair with Hector -- but will it be heeded?


Seven Dwarves

Channel 4, 9pm A new reality series following the lives of seven very small actors living in the same house and rehearsing for a production of Snow White. The dwarves speak candidly of their daily struggle for acceptance and the coping mechanisms they've developed over the years to help them face down bigotry and ridicule.


The Sex Education Show

Channel 4, 8pm Anna Richardson gives some pupils a crash course in the rules of attraction and puts to bed the many misconceptions kids have about contraception.

Also, parents are in for a surprise when they're brought up to speed on the X-rated text messages their kids are sending to each other.