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Brian's kids are making me broody, reveals Vogue


Brian McFadden and Vogue Williams

Brian McFadden and Vogue Williams

Brian McFadden and Vogue Williams

Vogue Williams has said she is growing increasingly broody the more time she spends with husband Brian McFadden's children.

The DJ is back on our screens this week when she gets to grips with the afterlife for a new RTE show.

Vogue, who rose to fame with reality show Fade Street, said she would love to have children with the former Westlife singer but is keen to focus on her career for the moment.

McFadden has two children with his ex-wife Kerry Katona and remains close, even though they live in the UK.

Vogue (29) said she loves it when Molly and Lily come to visit.

"They came to stay with us last weekend," she said.

"We took them to The X Factor because Brian was doing The Xtra Factor.

"They met Louis and Cheryl and they had a great time. They're lovely, well-behaved kids.

"They're happy to just chill out when they come to us because they're in school all week.

"I'm broody. My friend Clodagh just had her newest baby. He's four months old now. She has a daughter who grew up having me around.


"I just love babies so much, and if I wasn't as busy as I am now, I'd love to have them, but I want to keep going with my career."

Vogue said that married life was a huge change for her and McFadden.

"I think I was always quite settled. I probably compromise more now than I ever did in my life," she said.

"Brian has got tidier since he married because he has had to. I just like things to be absolutely spotless. He doesn't."

For her latest TV show Vogue will interview those who claim to speak to the dead.

The Dubliner said she has always been interested in psychic mediums, particularly since dad, Freddie, died from a stroke in 2010.

And she said that speaking to those who contact the dead helped her to cope with her own loss.

"I struggled with his death a lot at the start and, honestly, I continued to struggle up until I did the show," she said.

"If I ever had a drink I'd start going on about it. I was very close to him. I feel like I've dealt with it now."